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Danny Warhole Joins The Circus…of Books

Danny Warhole‘s artwork is currently on display and available for purchase at the

historic Circus of Books in West Hollywood, California.

Circus of Books (formerly Book Cricus) opened in 1960, specializing in hardcore porn that catered to mostly gay consumers, in front of the notoriously cruisy gay spot known to this day as Vaseline Alley. Since its inception, Circus of Books has endured in the face of numerous challenges, including the culture wars and the devastating effects of the AIDS crisis, to become an institution within the LGBT community. With a rich history dating back six decades, the evolution of this iconic storefront was eventually turned into a documentary on Netflix.

In 2020, Circus of Books‘ new owner reimagined the sixty-year-old store, and

transformed it into a high end boutique, which features The Gallery @ Circus, highlighting LGBTQ artists, such as Danny Warhole, who are often neglected by mainstream galleries due to the subject matter of their work.

Be sure to check out Circus of Books next time you’re in West Hollywood to support local LGBT business and artists.

Circus of Books

Danny Warhole


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