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As a child, Danny was encouraged to paint by his grandmother, who was a  seasoned landscape oil painter. Despite ongoing encouragement, Danny was never a consistent painter. Instead, Danny has described his desire to paint as one that came and went in spurts lasting for periods of weeks to months. During one of these spurts, Danny would paint a number of pieces, mostly in a pointillism style of acrylic painting, using cotton swabs (e.g. Q-tips) instead of traditional paintbrushes. After several paintings, Danny would generally stop as abruptly as he had started, and not paint again for an undetermined length of time. 


In early 2023, Danny returned to painting after a nearly fifteen year hiatus.  Since that time, Danny has painted regularly. Danny continues to utilize pointillism for the majority of his work, but he has also begun experimenting with various other styles and subject matter.

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