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Danny’s line drawings originated from an early enjoyment of pen and ink drawing utilizing stippling (dots) and hatching (fine lines), and his interest in artwork including Andy Warhol's silkscreens, Jasper John's stencil drawings, and Roy Lichenstein's comic book imagery.


As Danny got older, he started experimenting with substituting black Sharpies for pen and ink, and it organically developed into a style similar to the one he uses today. The final transition to digital occurred after Danny became frustrated with the ink bleeding on the paper and tired of carrying around all his supplies. It also allowed Danny to give his work a machine-like quality inspired by the works of his pop artist idols.


While Danny has been characterized as more of a figure artist than a pop artist, Danny contends that his style is very much in the realm of pop art, and that he just happens to choose the male nude as a subject matter. 


Speaking about his artistic style, Danny stated, "There's a dichotomy that exists between a straight line and the human body. If you think about it, there really isn't a straight line on the human body. We're made up of contours and curves. So, to draw a person, with all their contours and curves, using straight lines, is my quiet way of being a bit of a rebel rouser."

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