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April 7, 2022: Warhole Joins Hillcrest Walk in ART in Mural Alley

Save the date - pop artist Danny Warhole will be among those participating in Walk in ART in the Hillcrest neighborhood of San Diego, California on April 7, 2022.

Walk in ART is a new event produced by the Hillcrest Business Association. HBA was

established in 1921, making it the oldest business association in San Diego. The HBA represents over 1,300 businesses and acts as a liaison between the business community and the city while encouraging economic development for the Hillcrest area through events and promotions.

Hillcrest’s new monthly art celebration was created to help promote artists, activate Mural Alley as a special hub for expression and to engage the small and locally owned businesses that make Hillcrest great. The Walk in ART Event is designed with the intention of celebrating unity, inclusion and diverse voices from throughout the San Diego community.

Danny Warhole will be on hand to answer questions about his art and sell signed prints along with merchandise including totes, t-shirts and tank tops.

Walk in ART

Danny Warhole


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