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New Works at Circus of Books in WeHo

Danny Warhole enters his second year of exhibiting at The Gallery at Circus of Books West with four new works on display this week. Stop by Circus of Books to check out the new additions to the gallery along with some old favorites.

The world famous adult bookstore has mostly been a source of nostalgia in recent years for many gay men who swung past the saloon doors in search of erotic movies, sex toys, lube, poppers or glass pipes throughout the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s when the store’s popularity was at its peak. It attracted straight porn lovers and many famous faces.

In 2020 the store was taken over by C1R, already operating Chi Chi LaRues in WeHo West. The store was reimagined 60 years later as a new Circus of Books. Circus has a high end boutique atmosphere, getting away from the seedy hook-up style of yesterdays porn shop.

The new store also features Gallery @ Circus which highlights LGBTQ artists for art that might be a bit racy still for most galleries.


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