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“Essential” Viewing at The Studio Door

From August 1 through August 31, 2023, Danny Warhole is exhibiting the “The Gay Essentials, Volume 1” and “The Gay Essentials, Volume 2” in the gallery setting at The Studio Door (3867 Fourth Ave, San Diego, CA 92103).

”The Gay Essentials” pop art collection was inspired by Andy Warhol’s artworks of common household items. However, instead of focusing on all American brands like Campbell’s Soup and Coca-Cola, Danny’s artworks depict objects common to the gay community including Rush, PrEP and Gun Oil.

Warhole’s current exhibition at The Studio Door follows upon a successful run as a resident artist from January through June 2022, and a participating artist in the juried PRIDE+ art exhibiting in July 2022.

The Studio Door is open Tuesday through Saturday from 12 PM to 7 PM and by appointment. An August reception for all studio and exhibiting artists will occur on August 26, 2023 from 6 PM to 9 PM.

The Gay Essentials, Volume 1 and Volume 2, along with individual signed prints are also available online .


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