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Danny Warhole Photos in the June 2022 Issue of Passport Magazine

If Danny Warhole isn't creating art, there's a good chance he's lounging by a pool or at the beach in the buff, and there are photos to prove it.

Check out the June 2022 issue of Passport Magazine to read acclaimed travel writer, Jason Heidemann's, article entitled "Nakation," featuring nine international destinations where you can pack light, because clothing is completely optional. Heidemann's article is a go-to guide for those looking to bare it all on vacation and features several “Nakation” pictures of Danny Warhole among others.

Grab a copy of the June 2022 issue of Passport magazine to read up and see photographs from Danny's past “Nakatations” to the clothing optional INNdulge Resort in Palm Springs, California and Joshua Tree National Park.

Passport Magazine

Jason Heidemann

Danny Warhole


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